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Application Survey

Please tell us about your Waterproofing, Restoration, Cleaning, Corrosion Prevention, Spill Control, Dispensing, Cutting, Sealing or Bonding Application in detail..

 Part I.
Your Application Detail: (please be as descriptive as possible)

  If you require an adhesive for a bonding application please complete Part II of this survey.  If not, go directly to Part III to finish and submit.

 Part II.
What substrates are being bonded?  Please be specific.
   I am bonding to

 Is this a production application?
   If yes, what is your projected annual usage?

 Is this a new application?
   If no, are you currently using an adhesive for this application?
   If yes, what are you using?

 Does this adhesive perform to your expectations?
   If no, what could be improved?

 Do you require a structural bond?

 Do you have a preference for any specific adhesive system?
  (to make multiple selections, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard while you click each choice)
   If other, please specify.

 Part III.
Please provide the following information and submit this Application Survey.  You will
 be contacted within one (1) business day to review this application in more detail or to
 suggest a suitable product for your requirements. 


 Company Name

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To order a sample or locate a stocking Distributor for any of our products, please call 518-965-5375 or email your request to us by clicking HERE.

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